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About Us

Fly Fit Rich Hustle and Fit

NEVER rush the process, #trust the process! ?? It takes time to build a solid brand. Self-development is a must. Make sure whatever you decide to do fills a void & creates a need! Biting is temporary, Originality lasts a lifetime. ?

As a business owner, you're constantly evolving personally and professionally. 

You WIN some & LOSE some but when the PASSION & DRIVE is there, you KEEP PUSHING❗️ Did you know we emerged from a side #hustle selling waist trainers?

Some of our customers who have been following us from the beginning, may know us as Coke Bottle Cartel or even Curved by the Cartel and The Snatched Society. Well allow us to re-introduce ourselves as FLY FIT RICH!

Our HU$TLE turned into Passion & Purpose. FFR is now a full fledge retail store housing products, services, resources & tools that help you look good, feel good and do good so you can be your best self from the inside out.

#HustleandFit is our very first exclusive in-house #brand consisting of activewear / gym clothes / work out clothes / athleisurewear, health & wellness supplements and fitness accessories.

If your goal is to LOOK #Fly, BE #Fit and LIVE #Rich, then

Hu$tle + Fit is the #solution

We are for the Fly + Active + $uccessful

FFR's goal is to help you find balance between the hustle and fitness lifestyle. We believe Health & Wealth go hand in hand and strive to provide essentials for a more efficient life.

Our mission is to provide efficient & effective natural health/wellness products. We understand the on-the-go lifestyle. Hustlers come in all shapes and forms and live a fast paced lifestyle. However, this is no reason to neglect your health!

What's the point of having Funds if you can't have Fun?

We offer fashion - including fitness/active apparel, health supplements, nutrition, resources and tools to make your hustle more effective. Efficient & effective products are the goal & we are on a journey to making health a priority so you can enjoy the wealth!

We're committed to making the "Fit Life" be the new "Lux Life" 

Stay Fly. Be Fit. Live Rich.

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